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Spring Minis are HERE!

It’s THAT time of year. When the grass and trees are beginning to bloom, pollen is coating every surface and birds are chirping wildly! The days are longer and the sun a little warmer each day!

Spring Minis are HERE along with this glorious spring weather.

I am so excited about this years spring photos. <3 To book your time slot, visit https://tinyurl.com/cpspringminis and fill out the form.

Spaces are limited (8!) so get your space now because I have a feeling they’ll go quick!

{ The Jennings/Persing Wedding }

This past weekend, we had the extreme fortune of photographing the most unique wedding on the White River/Spider Creek.

To say that this couple is unique is an understatement. We felt so at home and welcomed by their friends and family. It was truly a special occasion.


Congrats, Lauren and Caleb!!

Lauren-Caleb Sneak-4

Tails of Love | Humane Society of the Ozarks

Animals have a seriously special place in our heart.

Most of you know, our first “baby” was our sweet black labrador retriever, Bailey. We adopted her from a sweet family in need when she was one.

BEST and BIGGEST decision we could have made to impact our lives, and our marriage. She saved us…. and is such a special part of our family.
She loves, protects, and plays with our son, and has such a funny and crazy personality! We have ALWAYS wanted to adopt more dogs, but just didn’t have the space or time to do it quite right until recently when we adopted our golden retriever (coincidentally also used be to called Bailey, but whom we now call Sophie).

One day the decision to help give back to our animals was sitting so heavily on my heart, so during one of my plan periods at Walker, I called the Humane Society of the Ozarks.

Our lives have been forever impacted because of that call, the people we have met, and the animals we have seen go to GOOD and FOREVER homes with the help of the HSO.

One sweet girl who holds a special place in my heart is sweet Penelope (coincidentally the name we have chosen if we are even blessed with a baby {human} girl).

PetSlider (20 of 31)

Penelope was rescued by the HSO and I met her at Dog Party USA. She needed to be photographed for the “Tails of Love” book, and also because she was in need of a patient, and loving home. Sweet girl was so loving, timid, and gentle.

I wanted her.

We just couldn’t physically make it happen. I worked full time, Chase worked full time, and we had a 13 month old, awesome, but spirited kiddo and a crazy cool (but also spirited) labbie.

Excuses I kept saying. But never-the-less, I kept sweet Penelope in my prayers.

A few months (okay a little lot longer…. ) go by, and Penelope and her photo are featured in many events, booths, banks, and our NWA Living Women’s booth. Her photo just makes your heart strings sing.

and then it happened.

A sweet gentleman, Don, who had much too soon lost his loving wife, saw Penelope’s photo.

He said the sweet women at the bank said she would be the perfect companion for him, and you know what. They were SO right.



For this years “Tails of Love” book, I had the honor of photographing Don and Penelope. My heart sang, and I knew that Penelope’s wait had been for a reason.


She totally found her forever home.

I think they’re both smitten, don’t you?




If you’d like to be a part of the “Tails of Love” book (a ¬†photographic tribute to all animals, pets, and friends of the furry kind), click here!


Nature Talks

When I’m out and about, I feel like the sky and flowers and clouds are talking.. sometimes to me, sometimes to each other.

Most of the time, they simply take my breath away.


There is so much beauty just hanging around in the simplest things.

Crystal Bridges-23Glowing flowers.
A little stream.
Green, green trees.
Bright blue skies, and puffy clouds.


They’re just magical.



Good night, friends!


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